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SINGAPORE, 18 September 2015 – NeoAsia, a leading distributor for aesthetics and skincare technology, today announced the launch of Viveve, a non-surgical treatment to improve vaginal laxity and boost sexual health. Singapore is the third country in Asia, after Japan and Hong Kong respectively, to have launched Viveve. The Viveve treatment is the latest technology providing a novel approach to tighten vaginal tissues and is available at The Sloane Clinic and Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore.

The Viveve treatment is suitable for women who have problems with vaginal laxity, especially for those who are sexually active and have had vaginal childbirth. During a vaginal childbirth, the tissues can be overstretched and cause trauma to the pelvic floor ligaments with consequent laxity of the affected tissues. Vaginal laxity can result in other physical and psychological consequences, including loss of sensation and sexual dissatisfaction. This is a concern that is often unspoken or invalidated in the discussion with their doctors due to embarrassment or lack of expert understanding in this area. According to a Viveve survey , almost half of the women stated vaginal laxity as a concern after childbirth but only 20 percent discussed the condition with their doctors.

“Viveve treatment has been used by thousands of patients worldwide. Our goal is to empower women to take charge of their intimate concerns and pursues sexual satisfaction. By making this treatment available in Singapore, more women here can have access to this procedure and improve overall sexual health and quality of life,” said Patricia Scheller, Chief Executive Officer of Viveve. Scheller was in Singapore together with Dr Bruce Allan from Allan Centre to launch the innovative treatment.

The Procedure

The Viveve System utilises patented radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate the body’s natural collagen rebuilding processes. A medical practitioner will insert a treatment tip, about the size of a thumb, into the vaginal opening and move circumferentially around the area. The Viveve system will deliver pulses of radiofrequency energy to the collagen fibres that make up the underlying tissues, while also cooling the vaginal surface. This process will stimulate the formation of new collagen fibres, resulting in feelings of vaginal tightness and improvement in sexual satisfaction. The Viveve procedure requires no anaesthesia and can be completed in about 30 minutes.


“Every woman can regain their confidence and sexual health. NeoAsia believes that cutting edge technology such as Viveve will benefit patients and help them address unspoken and intimate concerns,” said Jess Kong, General Manager, Medical III Division from NeoAsia.

The Results

Clinical studies on Viveve have showed significant improvement in vaginal tightness after a 30-minute treatment. At 12 months, improved and sustained tightness was shown by 88% of the women and improvement in sexual satisfaction was indicated in the follow ups. The collagen restoration processes usually take place between 30 – 90 days after treatment with little or no downtime. Patients should be able to experience an improvement in vaginal laxity and sexual satisfaction about 30 days after the treatment. Viveve is the only procedure which is clinically proven to have an effective and long last result after only one treatment. In some cases, patient will be required to receive the treatment once a year to maintain the results.

This treatment is suitable for women from ages 18 to 55 years old with or without at least one vaginal delivery and pre-menopausal.

A video animation of the Viveve treatment is available for viewing here: For pricing enquiries on Viveve, one is encouraged to contact authorised clinics - The Sloane Clinic and Cutis Medical Laser Clinics for more information.

About NeoAsia

Being the key player in AHA/PHA skincare technology, NeoAsia has been harnessing the challenges and opportunities of the business to make it all happen. Since its inception in 1995, NeoAsia has been dedicated to engaging sales, marketing and distribution of skincare, medical aesthetic equipment and medical device products to the medical community and consumers. NeoAsia's corporate headquarter is situated in Singapore, with its distribution networks extended to Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.

About Viveve

Viveve, Inc., the operating subsidiary of Viveve Medical, Inc., is a women's health company passionately committed to advancing new solutions to improve women's overall well-being and quality of life. The company's lead product, the globally patented Viveve® System, is a non-surgical, non-ablative medical device that remodels collagen and restores tissue with only one treatment session. The Viveve System treats the condition of vaginal laxity, which is the result of the over-stretching of tissue during childbirth that can result in a decrease in physical sensation and sexual satisfaction. Physician surveys indicate that vaginal laxity is the number one post-delivery physical change for women, being more prevalent than weight gain, urinary incontinence or stretch marks. The Viveve Treatment uses patented, reverse-thermal gradient radiofrequency technology to tighten vaginal tissue in one 30-minute out-patient treatment in a physician's office. The Viveve System has received regulatory approval in Europe, Canada and Hong Kong and is available through physician import license in Japan. It is currently not available for sale in the U.S. For more information, please visit Viveve's website at

For pricing information on Viveve, please contact the following authorised clinics:

The Sloane Clinic
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Singapore 238801
Contact: +65 6509 8108

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics
9 Scotts Road
#08-07 Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210
Contact: +65 6327 9700

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