World’s First Globally Approved Laser Treatment for Menopause-Related Symptoms in Singapore

MonaLisa Touch® offers long-term solution to common symptoms that plague one in four menopausal women in Singapore, many who suffer in silence

SINGAPORE, 18 January 2016 – NeoAsia (S) Pte Ltd, a regional distributor of skincare, medical aesthetic equipment and medical device products today launched a revolutionary laser treatment that helps women in Singapore combat menopause-related symptoms, particularly vaginal atrophy. Research has shown that 25% of menopausal women in Singapore will suffer from one or more symptoms of vaginal atrophy and urinary symptoms including vaginal or vulvar dryness, discharge, itching and dyspareunia.

Developed by DEKA, MonaLisa Touch® utilises one of the most advanced photo-rejuvenation techniques, which stimulates tissues without any trauma and with the right amount of laser energy.

Dr Stefano Salvatore, a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Vita-Salute University, San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy, said: “The symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy, such as dryness, painful intercourse and irritation can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life, self-esteem and sexual functions of women, with 1 woman out of 2 seeing a negative impact in her quality of life or relationship with her partner. Currently, the minimally invasive and painless therapy using MonaLisa Touch® serves as the only long-term solution for women suffering from these symptoms. It is the first laser treatment for menopause-related problems to be approved by the international medical community and FDA confirming the effectiveness and safety of the MonaLisa Touch® CO2 fractional laser treatment.”

In general, 91.7% of patients are satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment, and no collateral has been encountered, thus confirming the safety of the MonaLisa Touch® CO2 laser treatment.

Besides alleviating menopause related symptoms, MonaLisa Touch® is also effective in laxity after childbirth and patients who experience pain during sexual intercourse due to dryness and inflammation of the vagina, or injury of the perineum area.

Dr Christopher Chong, Urogynaecologist, Medical Director of Chris Chong Women's and Urogynae Centre, added: “The ratio of women seeking medical attention for menopause-related issues in Singapore is still relatively low, as they are often embarrassed to share their intimate discomforts with family members or doctors, especially symptoms of vaginal dryness and painful sex. As a result, these women usually turn to other treatment options such as lubricants and hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) for vaginal atrophy. However, these treatments do not offer a long-term solution and hormone replacement may be linked to side effects, leaving women with no other option but to suffer in silence with little or no relief, often disregarding it as an inevitable part of ageing. We do not have results yet but preliminary results are good for atrophy and painful sex. The patients have not completed the full study.”

Jimmy Ang, Managing Director of NeoAsia, said: “We are very excited to bring in MonaLisa Touch® to our selected clinic partners in Singapore, as we share the mutual aspiration to benefit all women suffering from menopause related issues. The procedure effectively combats menopause-related symptoms and allows women to take back control of their lives from the very first treatment, which lasts only ten minutes, and at an affordable price point.”

About NeoAsia

Being the key player in AHA/PHA skincare technology, NeoAsia has been harnessing the challenges and opportunities of the business to make it all happen. Since its inception in 1995, NeoAsia has been dedicated to engaging sales, marketing and distribution of skincare, medical aesthetic equipment and medical device products to the medical community and consumers. NeoAsia's corporate headquarter is situated in Singapore, with its distribution networks extended to Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.

Clinics offering MonaLisa Touch® in Singapore:

Singapore Women's Clinic (Clementi)
352 Clementi Ave 2 #01-127 Singapore 120352
Tel: 6776 1966

Astra Women’s Specialists
38 Irrawaddy Road #05-21/22 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre Singapore 329563
Tel: 6353 3878

SOG - Choo Wan Ling Clinic For Women
Gleneagles Medical Centre 6 Napier Road #08-14/15/16 Singapore 258499
Tel: 6471 1233

SOG – Heng Clinic for Women (PEH)
Parkway East Medical Centre 319 Joo Chiat Place #02-08 Singapore 427989
Tel: 6440 832

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