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Singapore, April 2015 - Sun exposure is harmful, this is something that almost everyone knows. However new findings have shown that the effects of high energy visible light (HEVis) and infrared radiation-A (IR-A) are as harmful as or even worse than ultraviolet rays. Both HEVis and IR-A penetrate deep into skin layers thus it can be tougher to reverse any damage caused.

Every day we are exposed to HEVis and IR-A unknowingly. HEVis can be emitted through sun exposure and indoor light (e.g. computer, fluorescent light, LED, etc.) and IR-A through sun exposure, heat and thermal radiation.

Effects of UVA exposure compared to high energy visible light


a – Skin immediately after exposure to UVA

b – Skin immediately after exposure to visible light

c – Skin 2 weeks after exposure to UVA

d – Skin 2 weeks after exposure to visible light

Results showed that both UVA and visible light can induce pigmentation in the skin.
However pigmentation induced by visible light was darker and more sustained.

Being conscious of such damages from HEVis and IR-A, IFC Group has formulated a range of 360° protection topical sunscreen to keep your skin protected from all these harmful aggressors.


Synergistic combination of patented Fernblock® FC and BioShield System, Heliocare 360° range protects, neutralizes and repairs the extrinsic damages from UV rays, HEVis and IR-A. This will help prevent concerns such as hyperpigmentation, premature skin aging (e.g. wrinkles, lines, saggy skin and skin dullness) and skin related diseases.

Patented Fernblock® FC is an extract of Polypodium leucotomos, a type of fern that originates from Central America. It has proven photoimmunoprotection properties and strong clinical data supporting its safety and efficacy in protecting against damage caused by solar radiation, and preventing and treating sun-related disorder. It also prevents and repairs DNA damage in the skin that could result to skin related diseases. It is further enhanced with additional ferulic acid complex and caffeic acid to boost the antioxidant abilities in the product providing a better protection against external aggressors.

The unique BioShield System is a combination of BioMimetic Melanin and Oxothiazolidine (OTZ), specifically designed to provide the most extensive protection against HEVis and

Biomimetic Melanin against HEVis


BioMimetic Melanin absorbs HEVis wavelength of 400 – 500nm, preventing penetration to the skin. It also inhibits expression of 44 genes involved in skin aging, hyperpigmentation and Inflammation. As for OTZ, it demonstrates ability to detoxify any skin layer, limiting UV rays and IR-induced cutaneous damages. It also penetrates deep into dermis, quenching reactive oxygen species, preventing premature skin aging.

In order to ensure product efficacy, Heliocare 360° uses a unique smart galenic technology. It guarantees the perfect cosmeticity and texture of the product, and focuses on the homogenous dispersion of filters in the formula, ensuring uniform protection on the skin.

Heliocare 360° range comes in Gel Oil-free, Cream and AirGel. Each designed for different skin types, this range will be the new gold standard in the sunscreen market.

About Heliocare 360° range


Price: $63 / $78 / $87 (before GST)
Size: 50ml / 50ml / 60ml

Heliocare 360° Gel Oil-free SPF 50

Light oil-free gel that controls sebum production and gives skin a ‘dry touch’ feel

Key technologies

  • Fernblock® FC, BioShield System, Green Tea, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Exclusive technologies only available in Heliocare 360° Gel Oil-free SPF 50

  • Sicilica microspheres
    • Control sebum to prevent shine
  • Phytosphingosine
    • Anti-bacterial activity, effective against propionicbacterium acnes, staphylococcus aureus, micrococcus luteus and candida albicans
    • Anti-inflammatory activity, reducing pro-inflammatory mediators and chemokines
  • Animat-G
    • Broad spectrum anti-microbial activity against bacteria, molds and yeasts

Paraben & alcohol-free

Suitable for all skin types, especially oily and acne prone skin

Heliocare 360° Fluid Cream SPF 50+

Soft creamy fluid with moisturizing properties to contrast dryness

Key technologies

  • Fernblock® FC, BioShield System, Green Tea, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Paraben & alcohol-free

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and matured skin

Heliocare 360° Airgel SPF 50+

Innovative foaming mousse that ease the application for wide surface areas

Key technologies

  • Fernblock® FC, BioShield System, Green Tea, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Exclusive technologies only available in Heliocare 360° Airgel SPF 50+

  • Sunspheres© Technology
    • Increased probability of absorbing and reflection of UV radiations
  • SolPerFrom™
    • Improves dispersion of filters and formation of homogenous protective film, increasing the SPF values

Paraben & alcohol-free

Suitable for all skin types, ideal for body

About IFC Group

IFC Group is a federation of global skincare companies dedicated to advancing the field of dermatological and nutritional science. Years of research and development enable them to deliver Skin Smart Solutions that meet the needs of skincare professionals and patients around the world.

Launched Heliocare brand in 2001, Heliocare is now available in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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