In 2010, MicroAire acquired the Endotine brand, which represents a system that allows surgeons to attach soft tissue to bone using tiny resorbable tines. Established in USA, MicroAire is dedicated to enhancing quality of life by providing innovative surgical solutions that improve surgeon and patient outcomes.

Endotine is a patented system for anchoring soft tissue during aesthetic
surgery, using small reabsorbable tines to reduce the tissue strain
associated with sutures. This unique system allows surgeons to re-adjust
tissue fixation and location during surgery, resulting in optimal aesthetic
outcomes. Endotine implants provide reliable fixation through the
post-operative healing period, and are eventually reabsorbed as biological
fixation takes over.

Endotine product line consists of a range of specially designed devices that can be used in a variety of facial procedures, including brow lifts, midface lifts, face and neck lifts.

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