A New Era in Laser Hair Removal

The Super Hair Removal by Alma Lasers

Singapore ─ 18 June 2007 ─ NeoAsia launches the Super Hair Removal (SHR) by Alma Lasers, a new era in laser hair removal. Answering to a long felt need for comfortable hair removal, the SHR uses a unique technology to provide a viable solution. This virtually painless hair removal system is made possible by the combination of low fluence, rapid pulsing diode technology with an in-motion treatment technique. Another system for light-based platform is also available for physicians with different needs.

The rapid pulsing capabilities of the system are enabled by the system’s high average peak power, unique in the industry. This rapid pulsing makes possible a key aspect of virtually painless hair removal – “hair removal in motion”.

Explaining the science behind the new hair removal paradigm, Ziv Karni, PhD, President of Alma Lasers said, “The SHR mode utilizes a series of low fluence, high repetition pulses to increase temperature of both the hair follicle and the surrounding, nourishing tissue to 45 degrees C. This more gradual, in-motion heat delivery uses the chromophores in the surrounding tissue as reservoirs to effectively heat up the hair follicle. This, along with the heat energy absorbed directly by the hair follicle, damages the follicle and prevents re-growth.” The SHR mode protects the epidermis and provides a virtually painless treatment. The SHR mode is suitable for all skin types, hair types and most hair colours.

The advanced technology of SHR is patent pending and Alma Lasers CEO Howard Kelly, states, “We are confident that the market will respond as enthusiastically to this product as our clinical sites have. We have developed a new paradigm for laser hair removal and since it is an in-motion technique, we feel that it is the perfect complement for Alma Lasers, the “in-motion” company

According to David J Friedman, MD, of Jerusalem, Israel and New York, one of the principal investigators for this new product, “The SHR mode, which is the in-motion mode, is remarkable, my patients love it. I don’t find any of the resistance to treatment due to patient discomfort that I have in the past. In addition, I have found the SHR mode to afford the darker skin patients an increased safety margin without a compromise in efficacy.”

Alma Lasers is certain that this new product will generate significant interest among dermatologists since it provides an elegant and effective solution to the on-going problem of laser hair removal – extreme patient discomfort.

About Alma Lasers

Alma Lasers, Ltd. Is a global developer, manufacturer and seller of laser, light-based and radiofrequency devices for aesthetic and medical applications. Since 1980, the founders of Alma Lasers have been at the forefront of innovative laser and light-based medical technology. Their technical expertise and in-depth understanding of practitioners’ needs led to the development of Alma Lasers’ multi-technology / multi-applications systems.

About NeoAsia

NeoAsia is the exclusive distributor for Alma Lasers, Ltd. in Singapore and Malaysia.

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